Emergency Preparedness and Operational Continuity (EPOC) Internship Program

Business Continuity Planning takes applications from Masters level and graduate certificate candidates to assist with developing and enhancing business continuity and emergency management initiatives campus wide. UNC Charlotte has begun a new business continuity initiative to modernize business continuity planning. Graduate students who are accepted as business continuity associates have a unique opportunity to participate in the process of developing an industry leading program. Specifically, these students will receive training in:

  • Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP)
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Emergency Preparedness

Past Accomplishments

The ability to gain practical experience performing HSEEP-compliant/Emergency Management activities and Business Continuity Management functions may increase employment opportunities in public and private sectors. Through the EPOC Internship Program, graduate students are encouraged to leverage their academic knowledge, develop practical skills, and receive field training. EPOC alumni have assisted with development of the following accomplishments:

  • Campus Business Continuity Plan Template
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Template
  • HSEEP Exercise Plans (ExPlan)
  • HSEEP Exercise Evaluation Guides (EEG)
  • HSEEP After Action Reports (AAR)/Improvement Plans (IP)
  • UNC Charlotte's first internal HSEEP compliant Full-Scale Exercise (FSE)
  • UNC Charlotte's first internal HSEEP driven exercise Simulation Cell (SIMCELL)

Program Testimonial

"My career has truly been set in motion by the internship with the Office of Business Continuity Planning at UNC Charlotte.  Despite the difficult economic times we are facing, I found the experience particularly useful in developing a valued and growing emphasis on business continuity in the field of emergency management.  Additionally, I gained valuable inter-personal, interviewing, and resume-building skills while absorbing invaluable area-specific knowledge from the Business Continuity Analyst, Joshua B. Allen.  In combination, these experiences, beginning with the inception of the internship program at UNC Charlotte, have culminated in my current position of Senior Consultant and Business Continuity Planner with Booz Allen Hamilton in Northern Virginia." Adam Allen, MPA


Graduate students who are interested in applying for a position with the internship program should complete an application form and contact Shawn Kiley at 704-687-8876 or skiley@uncc.edu. An application form must be completed prior to consideration. A cover letter and resume is encouraged for submission in addition to the application form, but not required.